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“Hi Linda, thanks for getting this to us so quickly. I have really appreciated your professionalism, dedication, and flexibility! We are looking to get this project done soon. Thank you again. It’s been a real pleasure working with you.” - N.S. Ashburn, VA 

Color Consultation
Like Space Planning and Redesign, Color Consultation can prevent mistakes, and ensure a transformation which not only moves in the right new direction, but results in the mood intended. Color affects our emotions and is highly personal. The wrong color can have a very negative effect on us. The right color can recharge our batteries, enliven the party, or soothe the weary spirit. All color is affected by light, but the nature of the affect varies from paint to paint, fiber to fiber, and color to color, as well as the orientation of the room’s windows, and the type of bulbs in indoor lighting and the amount of natural light.

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