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“I think your color sense is remarkable; you've helped me choose colors in 6 rooms (I believe it's been 4 rooms, the entry hallway, and one bathroom) and we have been more than pleased with the results in each of the rooms. The colors are so pleasing and your attention to detail ensures that the colors beautifully complement the furnishings and accessories of the rooms. And, of course, we always used Benjamin Moore paints!” - A.M. McLean, VA

Wall and Ceiling Color Consultation
Some clients prefer to start with paint color to update their surroundings. Don’t forget the ceiling color! We recommend and use Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint, and have color swatch samples of the entire Benjamin Moore paint line as needed for your project. No matter which paint you use, always select the colors from the company whose paint you will be using. Don’t assume that the color harmonies will be the same if your painter suggests he can “match” them at another paint store.

Need a painter? Ask us for a referral of a trusted professional.

Color for Walls and Ceilings

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Consider the effect of lighting. Color choices should be evaluated in daylight, twilight, and the lighting used at night. At Vienna Paint we have a simulator to view colors under both daylight and room light. Every color is affected by light not only at the time of day, but by which corner of the room it is in. When you select color, you are selecting a range of color, and you need to evaluate it on that basis.

Consider the interaction between the wall color and fabrics in upholstery and custom window treatments. Paint, fabrics, carpet, furnishings, flooring, and tile, stone, or glass elements may react differently to the changes in light, and it is important to select colors which remain compatible throughout the day and evening.

Listen to your artwork when selecting color. Deriving the best choice of paint color from priority elements in the room, such as a wonderful painting, or a fabric which is providing the melody for the room, brings the best out of a room, because the color harmonies are closer.

Before and After

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Art and Color

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Ask us about exciting new trends in wallcoverings, another way to achieve a new color and texture, whether on the walls or the ceiling. We carry wallcoverings from Thibaut, Stroheim and Romann, and others, providing wonderful options for a range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional, and eclectic styles in between. We now also partner with Vienna Paint, a local Benjamin Moore dealer whose wallcovering library includes the fabulous Ronald Redding wallcoverings, and many other designer lines. Contemporary options in wallcoverings include new textures with sand and glass beading, flocking, and photo murals. Wallcoverings are being used for accent walls as well as for entire rooms. Paintable wallcoverings can add dimensionality to walls where a contrast color is not helpful, or interest to ceilings. New wall decals, whether in the form of quotes or graphic elements, are removable enhancements to walls, and offer new options for the homeowner and business owner.

Contact Us for an appointment in your home, to begin the transformation of your home with an overall plan. Or come visit with Linda most Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am -2pm at Vienna Paint in Vienna, VA. After participating for the past two years in Benjamin Moore’s pilot program, the LINK referral program, as a color consultant referred by Benjamin Moore, Linda now has a new relationship with Vienna Paint. Paint consultation in the store is free. Call the store to confirm her hours, and bring in photos, swatches, or other samples, to assist in selecting the best colors for your project. For the Vienna store address, hours and phone number, Click Here.

In home consultations are especially helpful for open floor plans, or when the colors need to be derived from existing art and furnishings, and for exterior paint color consultations. We also are available to consult on site at small business locations. Our flat fee of $150 includes the initial consultation to learn about your preferences, and guidelines for up to three rooms, with recommendations for wall, trim and ceiling colors. For additional spaces, the fee is prorated, and a flat fee is agreed upon for the scope of the project. Each paint color consultation includes a card with a color chip and description of each color and where it is to be applied, for your files, one card per interior room or exterior. A comprehensive list of the colors, paints and finishes, will be emailed for use by your painter.

Linda is also scheduling seminars on numerous topics related to the use of color in the home. Use the Contact Us form to be added to the list for information on upcoming seminars.



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