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" Linda - Thanks for all you have done to warm up my home! ...The pillow looks & feels great. Receiving it and sitting back on it today was the crowning touch of my day!" - J.S.W., Herndon, VA

Custom Pillows and Design Details
Custom Pillows are often underestimated in the value that they can bring to a room. With a carefully chosen fabric, and a comfortable form inside, they should be functional works of textile art, tying other elements of the room together, or repeating the melody of the room in complementary ways. In an open floor plan, or any room with many openings for doors and windows, there may be little wall space on which to hang paintings, and therefore pillows may be needed to add detail. Rarely do we recommend pillows that match the upholstery, or repeat the window treatment fabric, unless we use it to reveal a pattern partially hidden in the folds of a window treatment. Even then, specific pattern placement allows us to reveal more than one aspect of the pattern.

Floor pillows are another underestimated element of a room. For a family room or major TV viewing room, floor pillows offer extra seating on Super Bowl Sunday, or a jumping place for active grandchildren. They may be favorite homework spots, or become forts for small children. For a smaller space with less room for seating, floor pillows stack neatly in a corner or under a cocktail table, and then add casual seating when needed. While not needed in every home, floor pillows may be an appropriate consideration; if needed, they should be large enough to provide comfort, and fabricated in durable upholstery fabrics.

Our Masterworks pillows are zippered whenever possible, to make it easy to remove the form and clean the cover as needed. For those who need to use polyfill forms, the zipper allows you to replace the form when it flattens. Down and feather forms are preferred for their resiliency and ability to return to shape, and with today’s tightly woven tickings, the feathers and any future dust stay inside; many who were allergic to older feather pillows are able to live with the nicer new forms. The choices of forms are best selected by trying out an actual pillow, so we bring samples for you to assess which type of form is most comfortable for you.

Pillows that sit on leather furniture, or other smooth surfaces, should be constructed with Turkish corners at the bottom, if not all four corners, so that they will sit up properly, instead of falling on their backs on the slippery surface. The breadth of textures and innovative materials available today allow us to find wonderful fabric choices for every preferred design style.

After reviewing our gallery of beautiful custom pillows, Contact Us for an appointment to evaluate how custom pillows may enhance your home. For information on Tableskirts and Table Linens, please continue below the photo galleries. For details on Cushions, such as chair pads, and bench cushions, or cushions for window seats, see our Portfolio on Reupholstery.

Custom Pillows as Unifying Elements in the Room

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Custom Pillows as Textile Works of Art

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Tableskirts and Table Linens
See also “Tablescapes and Accessorizing” in the Space Planning section

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Table Skirts
The versatility of skirted tables solves a number of design challenges. A skirted table may be a great pivot point in a corner, providing a large surface for a lamp and other accessories, while leaving room for beverages, books, and other visitors to the table. Skirted tables soften a space with many chairs or exposed leg pieces of furniture, and allow a contrasting fabric or pattern to be introduced. Depending upon the table beneath, a skirted table may hide other storage, such as a basket of toys, a box of books, or once in a small apartment in New England we actually skirted a table that had snow tires hidden beneath!

A solid fabric, or an overall pattern, which looks good upside down, and sideways, as well as right side up, is suitable for a round table cloth. There will be two seams adding width to the tableskirt to make the round skirt large enough. If the pattern has only one acceptable direction, a seam at the table edge is needed, and then the sides can be added either as a gathered skirt or in tailored sections with pleats.

Hem details are important as well, and add visual weight to the tableskirt. For some, a simple cording at the hem is sufficient, but pleated and deep contrasting gathered hems are also pleasing. Trims such as bullion fringe and wonderful long cut fringes, often with knotting details, are other ways to lavish attention at the hem, adding rhythm and texture.

When using a table of chip core or other pressed wood or plywood, better results are obtained by layering a piece of flannel interlining on the surface before placing the tableskirt fabric on the surface. Of course, the tableskirts are also lined and interlined appropriately. To protect the tableskirt, we recommend a glass top the same diameter as the table top. Not all skirted tables are round – a square or rectangular table can be effectively skirted with a seam at the table edge, and pleating at the corners.

Table Runners and Table Linens
For table runners, the shape and purpose of the runner must be evaluated. Table runners usually will remain on the table when it is in use, and the design needs to allow space at each end for place settings. The shaping of the table runner should be appropriate for the shape of the table, and embellishments such as corner tassels need to be positioned between place settings, or within the center space. Quilting is another way to enhance a table runner.

Complementary placemats and cloth napkins may also be fabricated for the table.

Occasionally a client prefers a runner to entirely cover the table and hang off the ends. This type of runner is usually removed when the table is in use, but warms up a table in a dining room which is not often used. At other times, runners may be used horizontally and vertically, and settings placed on them. These runners need to not hang down too low, so that they do not get in the way of diners being seated.

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