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“Thank you for a job well done in transforming our family room into a welcoming and comfortable gathering room. We have received many compliments….The draperies are just beautiful. The hardware is so unique and blends beautifully with the overall theme.” – L.J. Centreville, VA

"When Linda came to my house, she asked 'What story do you want your house to tell?' Her business tag line is "Your story is our inspiration" and she's not kidding: everything she does is based on the customer and what is important to him/her. She doesn't design for herself; she reflects the client. I was impressed with what she could tell about me from looking at the rooms in my house, the colors I had chosen, the furniture and configurations I had made, and the objects I had highlighted. Her recommendations reinforced the importance I place on relationships and conversation and her casual demonstration helped me to experience her suggestion. Linda knows people and design and weaves the two together so that your house reflects you. She's a true artist. – E.K.B., Chantilly, VA

Residential Interiors
Design with Masterworks begins with an understanding of your story - who you are, your history, your passions and your dreams. Learn more about our approach by watching our Residential Interiors video below.

At its best, a home should be a place that speaks to us personally, an environment which restores and rejuvenates us, and a gracious place in which to welcome guests. If the room is both right and wonderful, it connects with you as you enter it, and pulls you in. But for the room to remain wonderful, it also needs to fulfill basic practical functions, and be comfortable, or it won’t succeed in the other goals.

Some would define Interior Design as only that which involves structural changes and building codes, and others would define Interior Decorating as painting. Between the two extremes lies a great deal of design work in Residential Interiors, and where we work closely with our clients to transform their homes. Each room needs a melody and supporting harmonies, and must respect certain principles of balance, proportion, and scale. Practical considerations of lighting, conversation distance, and whether there is a convenient place to put down a cup or glass next to any seat, apply to every room. Beyond that, there are many right choices, and we seek ones that are rooted in our clients’ experiences and personality.

Understanding how our clients perceive space and what enriches a visual space for them, is a part of the Masterworks process, as we ask questions and get to know our clients at the beginning of a project. From there we work with you to develop a cohesive plan which meets the goals and scope of your project.

Traditional Design
“ The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make.” – William Morris

The traditional client is nourished by a richness of detail, by layers and nuances which create a dynamic quality to the room, under the normal lighting changes from day to night to candlelight. The way the light hits the carving on the leg of a chair or desk, the shadow play in architectural moulding details, the dance of a line of tassel fringe, all add rhythms and complexity enjoyed by this client. However, appreciation of traditional forms, and the comfort available in traditional furniture does not exclude the addition of eclectic items or even contemporary art, and within traditional design there are many ways to reflect the flair and personality of the client within the home.

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Transitional Design

“ It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.” – Lewis Carroll

Many clients enjoy a level of detail, but also have a sensitivity to space, which may affect their preferred interpretation of contemporary or traditional design, or put them squarely into transitional or eclectic choices. The “transitional” label includes designs that seem contemporary to the traditional purist, and that seem traditional to the lover of purely modern design. Our aim is to offer possibilities, and seek to understand what choices are best for each client.

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Contemporary Design

“ The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating” – Jackson Pollock

The client who loves contemporary design usually has the ability to visualize in three dimensions, and wants the elements pared down to their sculptural form. The negative space is as interesting and important as the space that is filled. Patterns must be bold and emotional, or eliminated. Textural differences add depth and dimension. Nevertheless a client’s interpretation of contemporary design is as individual as their preferences in art.

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