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"You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour." - Jim Rohn

Initial Design Consultation Fee
Of my fee of $200 for your initial design or window treatment consultation, up to $100 may be applied to an order for custom products over $1000. This initial fee may be waived for repeat clients. For larger design projects, the purpose of this appointment is to determine the project scope, and create a proposal and budget for the project.

Color Consultations
My minimum fee for an in-home color consultation is $200 for up to three interior rooms, or for an exterior consultation. Interior rooms 4,5, and 6 are $45 per room, and 7 rooms are only $350. Every room after 7 is just $35 per room. Within 3 days or less I will email you a spreadsheet of your colors, with the paint colors and finishes selected. If we are selecting from Benjamin Moore, you will also receive larger chips sent from Benjamin Moore for each paint color selected. 

Exterior consultations consultations will factor in not only existing brick, stone and siding, but also gutters, window frames, roof colors, garage doors, front doors and door frames, side and back doors, porch details, banisters, walkways, exterior utility meter boxes if visible, exterior light fixtures, and mailboxes. Many of those details may not be changing, but they will be examined in light of your goals.

Color Consultations at no charge at Vienna Paint, in Vienna.
I also may be found at Vienna Paint in Vienna most Fridays, from approximately 11 am to 3 pm, saving the world from bad paint color choices. Vienna Paint is a Benjamin Moore dealer, so all color consultations there will be with Benjamin Moore paint colors. www.viennapaint.biz

Please call the store (703-938-6115) to confirm my hours for any particular week. If I need to take a particular Friday off, I may work on another day instead. Clients are taken on a walk-in basis only, first come, first serve. If you have multiple rooms, please be aware that I need to balance the needs of all clients walking in, and may need to work with clients who have smaller projects while I also assist you with your larger project.

If you are coming into the store, please bring as much information as possible, from photos, to fabric samples, bedding, tile and countertop samples, and artwork. Whatever you can bring in will help us find the best colors for your spaces.

Flat Fees and Custom Quotes
We charge flat fees for design and redesign services, plus pricing by custom quote for custom fabricated items. We don’t want you watching the clock, and results are more important to us than time. We budget in an estimate of time within the scope of the flat fee, but if needed, we may choose to spend additional time over what was anticipated.

Hourly Fees
We charge an hourly fee for services such as placing accessories or hanging pictures, decorating for the holidays, rearrangingcollectibles and china cabinet displays, other redesign work, shopping with you, or supervising the work of contractors if desired. The first hour is $200, the next $150, the next $125, the next $100, and all hours thereafter are $75 an hour. The first hour is our minimum, but after the first hour, portions of an hour are prorated.

Custom Window Treatments
All custom window treatments are priced by custom quote.

All custom window treatment orders will include a measure check fee for a professional installer to review the specifications prior to fabrication of your order. Installer Distance Travel charges may be applied if you live in more remote parts of our service area. Installations requiring tall ladders, or walk-ups in high rises, also have additional fees built into the quote. These fees are standard fees charged by professional installers. In the rare case that scaffolding is required, that also would be a custom quote.

Custom Reupholstery
All pricing includes pickup and redelivery fees, which is calculated based on your location. A Fabric Protection spray application is an optional extra on any reupholstery.

Payment Options
While we are always grateful when paid by check, we also accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express in payment.



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