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“I had just begun to renovate my kitchen, family room and living room, and was overwhelmed with the number of decisions this would entail. Linda’s expertise in so many areas proved invaluable in this project. Linda not only advise me on tile selection for my kitchen back-splash, she also outlined the placement of the tiles for my contractor. She also worked alongside my contractor and myself to solve various problems we encountered with my kitchen re-design…. In addition, Linda helped me select and coordinate furnishings, rugs, curtains, cushions, lighting and artwork… I found that not only did I respect Linda’s expertise, but my contractor, furniture supplier and oriental rug dealer all recognized her talents and professionalism.” - M.A.O., Winchester, MA

“Thank you for your response to my living room design needs on such short notice. Through the use of a blueprint and photographs via email and the telephone only, you provided me with several plans for furniture placement. Looks great! Thank you.” - C.G., Cummington, MA

Space Planning
Space Planning determines the new locations of furniture, traffic patterns, and tasks, as well as lighting and functional considerations of the plan. Balance, focal points, and harmonies are all taken into consideration. Practical concerns are factored into the recommended plan, and implementation of the changes can be made by the client or by our team.

When Should I Consider Space Planning?
When you are planning:

  • an upcoming move to larger or smaller quarters

  • a pleasing update of an existing space

  • an extensive remodeling project

  • a desire to bring universal design into your home in order to age in place

  • a large entertaining event such as a wedding reception, being run by yourself rather than an event planner, with the assistance of a plan in place

or consider space planning if you simply have a new awareness that “something is wrong in this room” and it doesn’t fulfill its functions well. We may be able to identify in a brief appointment where the imbalance is occurring.

In developing a plan for changes in the way your spaces are used, we are able to bring in a team to rearrange things, or simply draft the plan for you to implement. A flat fee or hourly fee may be charged, depending upon the scope of the project per mutual agreement.

Space Planning as a Part of any Interior Decorating Project
A sense of space, focal points, and balance is essential to harmonious interiors, and to making the right choices for smaller changes, such as the addition of custom window treatments or new furnishings. We do advise you when we see specific purchases impacting the overall space, even if we are not working on space planning at the time.

Space Planning: Before and After

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