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“What strikes you first when working with Linda Bassert is her focus. Understanding her clients objectives is Linda’s top priority. Linda listens, collaborates, and inspires her clients. Her window treatments are beautifully tailored to her clients’ tastes and always impeccably fabricated. Her tremendous technical knowledge means that no detail is overlooked, and the finished product is always remarkable. Thoughtful, creative, and passionate Linda loves designing window treatments and the results prove it.

As an interior designer I know how important it is to really listen to your clients and connect with them. To assist them in realizing their desires, and inspire them to reach beyond. Linda is one of those gifted designers who can share in her clients’ vision and guide the finished product to greatness. Her ability to enhance a room’s character is two parts technical brilliance and one part magic. You will never look at windows in the same way after seeing Linda work her amazing talent on yours!” – L.S.B., Arlington, VA

A Partnership With You
In working with your clients, we keep in mind that the final design needs to deliver your story. Your design vision and focus for the project is what we seek to understand and be inspired by, in our recommendations for your projects. We are willing to work in a team relationship with you and the client, or just with you when the client is not on site.

We also welcome your referrals directly to us, for window treatment specific projects.

At the same time we welcome learning more about your areas of expertise which may be of interest to our retail clients, and complement the work we do. Our clients understand that none of us can be experts in every aspect of design, and it is important to bring in partners when needed to offer them the best possible solutions for their home, office, or other project.

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